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Welcome to my Magic Page!!!

As soon as I get off my lazy ass (probably this week), I plan to add some more Invasion, Apoc, Odyssey, and Torment boxes I just bought.  But for now, I suppose I'll just update my want list.

My magic page is always under construction, so i will update with new observations and cards weekly. Any help is always appreciated. Right now, this page only has my rare cards and links to good magic sites. But I plan to expand it to cover major tourneys and other good magic related events.
With my cards, I prefer to trade for others I need but I will occasionaly sell, it doesn't hurt to ask. Just email me.

I am a member of magic online trading league. My alias is Gerrard
Here is my ref list:

Gerrard's Refs

This site is hot!!!!!!

If I don't have it, I can definitely get it.